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Bookkeeping Start-Up Doubled in Size

2 years ago


Stuart McIndoe, Managing Director and Founder of The Local Bookkeeping Company, was a musician in the Royal Marines up until 2 and a half years ago. With a 6 month tour in Afghanistan as an Ambulance Driver he had been in more than his fair share of high pressure situations.

Since leaving the military he’s retrained as a bookkeeper and just over a year ago set up The Local Bookkeeping Company working on his own, from home.

Having seen how his parents benefited from business coaching, Stuart quickly realised that as a business start-up, working alongside ActionCOACH Solent would mean the difference between success and failure.

Stuart now attends the ActionCOACH Business Mastery Workshops twice a month, and in between times he attends group sessions to discuss how everyone’s getting on implementing what they’ve learnt at the Mastey Workshops.

“It’s reassuring to know I’m not on my own, everyone faces similar issues, no matter what the business. We benefit from each other’s experiences whilst also tapping into the vast experience of the coaches. Colin and Kevin at Action Coach have completely opened my eyes to marketing, I’m able to integrate my efforts with social media. I’ve learnt that everything I do needs a plan, so I can assess the outcomes and focus back to the plan. That way I can work out what’s worked and what hasn’t.”

Stuart started trading in August 2014, employing Action Coach a few months later. “We’ve more than doubled in size since then and some of that success must be attributable to Action Coach’s involvement. They’ve enabled me to focus. I now employ 2 members of staff, and our offices in Shedfield are just the beginning.”

Stuart is currently working on ActionCOACH’s ‘Default Diary’ strategy, “to ensure every hour spent in the office is as efficient as possible; diarising time to help with staff queries or working on business development or marketing. My aim is to not have to work weekends any more. I’ve even started playing the Saxophone again, something I haven’t done for over 2 years.”

When I asked Stuart what his plan for the future was he told me “to move from the ActionCOACH group sessions to the 1:1 coaching, as my business gets bigger I think my problems would benefit from a more personalised, niche approach.”

With the help of ActionCOACH, Stuart really is on his way to providing the ‘go to’ bookkeeping service in the Solent area and plans to open further branches.

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