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12 Rules for Success

December 13th, 2017

I came across a post on Facebook recently, setting out the “12 F***ing Rules for Success.”  I don’t know who originally penned these rules, but I thought they were pretty much to the point, so I have paraphrased them below (without nearly all of the swearing!)

  1. Do the work. Don’t be lazy.
  2. Stop waiting. It’s time.
  3. Rely on yourself. The Universe doesn’t give a damn.
  4. Be practical. Success is not a theory.
  5. Be productive early. Don’t mess around all day.
  6. Don’t be a baby. Life’s hard. Get on with it.
  7. Don’t hang out with idiots.
  8. Don’t waste energy on stuff you can’t control.
  9. Stop bullshitting. It’s embarassing.
  10. Stop being a people-pleaser.
  11. Stop putting toxic stuff in your body. It’s stupid.
  12. Stop doing the same thing and hoping stuff will change.

Do any of these resonate with you? Well, now you know what to do!


The Brutal Truth About UK Productivity

October 26th, 2017

I have just read an interesting article in the Financial Times on the topic of UK productivity. UK workers are significantly less productive that their counterparts in France, Germany and the US, and are less productive than they were in 2007, when the financial crisis hit. This lack of improvement in productivity will hamper the expansion of the UK economy. Continue reading “The Brutal Truth About UK Productivity” »

Book of the Month – The Chimp Paradox

September 26th, 2017

The Chimp Paradox by Professor Steve Peters

This book was the subject of our first ActionCOACH Solent BookCLUB in September 2017. I love this book, mainly because of its simplicity. Having done a lot of research myself  in the areas of psychology and neural science, it was great to come across a book that cut through the high level, technical stuff, and brought it down to a concept that a 4 year old could understand! Continue reading “Book of the Month – The Chimp Paradox” »

3 Steps to Kick the Busyness Habit

July 26th, 2017

Pitlane shutterstock_225474340
Just imagine if your business was like a Formula 1 Team – how successful do you think you would be?  On race day, would you be the Team Manager, completely in control of the situation and calmly orchestrating events from the safety of the pit wall?  Or would you be running around, doing every job to make sure it is done properly and getting in everybody else’s way, but feeling good because you are busy helping, with the end result being that the car goes out long after all the others, and with only 3 wheels on? Continue reading “3 Steps to Kick the Busyness Habit” »

How to get 12 hours of work into 5 hours per day

April 22nd, 2017


Many business owners I meet have the same wish:

“ If only I had a few more hours each day to get things done!”

The reality is that there’s only ever going to be 24 hours in a day and frankly, if you are working for more than 50 hours per week, some part of your life is going to be suffering, whether it be your health, family, fitness or enjoyment.  Now, putting up with this for the first few years of your business is a must – nothing is built without some hard work to get it going.  However, if after year 3 there is not an improvement and you’re working long hours because you have to and not because you want to, then something is wrong. Continue reading “How to get 12 hours of work into 5 hours per day” »

Why Being a Company Director is so Hard

March 15th, 2017

shutterstock_394991047 management, recruitment large

Have you ever wondered why reaching the top is not all that you hoped it would be, when you were lower down the ladder?  The biggest reason that managers and directors find life at the top so hard is that the skills that got them into that position can act against them when they are there.  It’s not like a sport, where you just get better at one thing.  Everything changes when you get to the top of your business, and you are actually playing a completely different game. Continue reading “Why Being a Company Director is so Hard” »

How to fall in love with your business all over again

February 14th, 2017


Chances are, when you started your business, you were very passionate about it.  It was all new and exciting, a way for you to make your mark on the world, to do things your way, to set new standards, to bring something new to the market, to help more people  – in short, you were in love with your business and the opportunities it promised for you. Continue reading “How to fall in love with your business all over again” »

Motivation’s What You Need!

January 19th, 2017


Calendar Mountain

We’ve seen some great examples this week of people pushing themselves to the extreme – Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ bid to climb the highest mountain on all 7 continents, and the sailors completing the Vendee Globe round the world solo yacht race, to name but two.  These types of endurance experiences all require the participants to be amazingly self-motivated in order to endure the loneliness and hardships that can be a part of such extreme pastimes. Continue reading “Motivation’s What You Need!” »

Interview with a Business Coach!

January 5th, 2017


ActionCOACH Solent MD Kevin Stansfield was recently interviewed on  local radio station 103.9 Voice FM by Xan Phillips for their business programme.  In the interview, Kevin recommends 3 books that all business owners should read.  Among the topics discussed are how to manage your team, making the most of your time, what it takes to be a true entrepreneur and the importance of maintaining a healthy cash flow.

To listen to the interview, just click here.

Climb the Ladder to Business Success!

November 3rd, 2016


Running a successful SME is tough, and there are so many jobs that need doing that it’s a wonder that we actually get anything done at all!   They say that the definition of a business owner is somebody…

“… who would rather work 16 hours a day for themselves than 8 hours a day for somebody else.”

However, just working hard does not mean you will be successful.  I have seen many hard working people who never achieve their full potential, or whose businesses even go bust, including my father.  So what do you need to do to overcome this barrier to success? Continue reading “Climb the Ladder to Business Success!” »