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The Brutal Truth About UK Productivity

October 26th, 2017

I have just read an interesting article in the Financial Times on the topic of UK productivity. UK workers are significantly less productive that their counterparts in France, Germany and the US, and are less productive than they were in 2007, when the financial crisis hit. This lack of improvement in productivity will hamper the expansion of the UK economy. Read the rest of this entry »

Client Retention – Climbing the Ladder of Loyalty

April 12th, 2017

In this brief video, business coach Kevin Stansfield will show you how to build customer loyalty and how this will benefit your business.

How to Generate More Referrals for Your Business

February 9th, 2017


As business owners, we enjoy doing what we do – after all, why would we set up in business at all if we didn’t?  But what we don’t enjoy as much is the constant chasing after the next customer –  the time, effort and money we put into advertising and marketing with no guarantee that it will grow our sales.  Wouldn’t it be great if new customers could see for themselves the value in what we do and come to us, rather than us having to go looking for them?
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