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The Recruitment Process

“Most employees are motivated, energetic, committed, enthusiastic and loyal … except for the 8 hours they work for you!” – Tom Peters – Author/Speaker


At ActionCOACH, we talk about “getting the right people on the bus” – i.e. ensuring that the people we employ have the right attitude and will fit in with our business culture and, importantly, complement other team members.

Did you know that the statistical probability of hiring the right person for the job using traditional interview techniques is just 57%?  When you think of all the time and effort it takes to advertise the role, sift through the CVs, contact the shortlisted candidates and then actually conduct the interviews, which may mean hiring a room and committing your senior staff for several hours, that is not a good level of return on your investment.

Well, there is a better way.  ActionCOACH has developed a recruitment process that will vastly increase the chances of you getting the perfect person for your job, and we can help you to implement the process.

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ActionCOACH’s six step recruitment process will make sure you get the right person with the least amount of hassle by:

  1.  Making sure you are very specific about the job and the ideal candidate so you will know exactly what you are (and what you are not) looking for;
  2.  Preparing compelling advertising for the position, that will appeal to your ideal candidate and make them keen to work for you;
  3.  Looking in the right places for your ideal candidates to generate the highest number of suitable applicants;
  4.  Screening applicants to ensure you only speak to those that are most suitable – your time is precious;
  5.  Carrying out a group interview of shortlisted candidates (including psychometric profiling) so you can see them all together and compare them more easily;
  6.  Closing the sale quickly and getting off to a good start!

This is the process we use to recruit our own staff and we can tell you that it works!   We can help you with each step of the process and can even provide you with offices to carry out the interviews.  Contact us to discuss your recruitment needs.

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