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ActionCOACH Helps Nursery to Grow by 30%

3 years ago



Clive Tongue at Little Shipmates Group was running a successful business with 4 day nursery settings across Hampshire and was gearing up to grow even further, when he found the sites just weren’t progressing at the rate he wanted, with one nursery consistently under-performing for no apparent reason.

Meeting fortnightly with Kevin from ActionCOACH Solent enabled Clive to identify what his business needs were and together they have reviewed the vision, purpose and values of the business.  Adopting those throughout the business has given The Little Shipmates Group “the springboard to our continued success,” Clive explained.

“Together with Kevin, we completely reviewed our brand which affected everything; from our website through to our stationery.  We applied our newly identified values to our brand, with everyone’s buy-in.  We set store by them.  Whatever we do, we always come back and focus on those core values.”

ActionCOACH Solent have also enabled Clive to reassess his recruitment process, so they’re recruiting the right people at the right time.

He explained, “we’ve introduced new processes, for example; we needed an administrations person for a paternity cover, on ActionCOACH’s advice we introduced a 4 Step Recruitment Plan and found the entire process much more efficient and ended up recruiting someone perfectly suited to the organisation.”

In terms of the difference working with ActionCOACH Solent has made to the business, Clive told us “we’ve grown by 30%, bought another setting and have filled another 116 nursery places.  Kevin was able to identify that I wasn’t running one business with 4 settings as I’d previously thought, but rather 4 very different businesses, each with a different nuance.  From that point we quickly identified why one was underperforming.  Since then, we’ve grown from strength to strength.”

When asked if he remembers a specific lightbulb moment, Clive said “literally looking at my settings through the photographer’s lens, when we were taking pictures for the new website, it was as if I was seeing my settings for the first time!”

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