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ActionCOACH Helps UK Expansion

3 years ago


Edward Zarkovas (pictured above centre, receiving his ActionCOACH award certificate) set up the UK operation of in 2011, after having run an IT operation in Lithuania for some years.  After a rapid start to the UK business, Edward met Kevin Stansfield from ActionCOACH Solent at a BNI meeting.  Their discussions gave Edward a vision of how to boost the business and improve the way it operated.

Edward explained, “I meet with ActionCOACH Solent once a month and try to attend their Business Mastery Workshops, where they cover specific topics.  I would recommend them to anyone in business for two reasons:

Motivation.  They motivate me; I know I have tasks I have to perform, for example; planning and calculations.  With someone watching me, I can’t avoid doing it. I’m accountable to someone, which means I have to accomplish something.

 Knowledge.  It’s taken me 5 years to learn about business.  ActionCOACH Solent have structured all that learning in a matter of months.  They’ve taken me through a Step by Step guide of how to run a business.  Before I met them I was trying to figure things out for myself the hard way, but ActionCOACH Solent have clarified things.” now concentrates on offering a full web design, copywriting and an online marketing service to clients both in the UK and Lithuania and is looking forward to future expansion.

“I really appreciate Action Coach’s personal approach to my business and their regular Mastermind Group meetings were invaluable.  When you’re with a group of like-minded business people in the room sharing experiences and solving problems for one another, it really makes a difference.”

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