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So, do YOU need a business coach?

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The starting point to answer this question is to say that having a coach is not for everybody, and you do not need a coach to be successful or happy in your business, just as you can play any sport without having coaching.  Go to any sports club and you will find people perfectly happy playing their game, and if you ask why they are not working with a coach, they might ask in reply, “why would I need one?”

The truth is that if you are happy playing at the level you are at now, then there is no need to improve.  If on the other hand you are a competitive person who loves pushing yourself in all areas of your life, or you happen to be in a business that is always changing and growing, then if you choose to stand still, you will actually find yourself going backwards.

Coaching is only for those people who want to move forward and see every day as a new challenge to overcome, to push the boundaries of their comfort zone and revel in the possibilities of being better.

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Running a business can be one of the hardest and most lonely activities there is.  It can also be one of the most exciting and rewarding.  The only certainty is that it will always be a roller-coaster ride, and having somebody at your side helping you along the way has to be of benefit,.

But what do you get when you take on a business coach?

Well, the first thing is that the coach/coachee relationship is unique.  It is a mixture of trust, respect, friendship, and professionalism, with the coach adapting to suit the requirements of their client.

Underpinning this relationship though is a clear purpose of helping you achieve your goals, and this is done in three ways:

  1. To help you set your goals and draw up your plan of action;
  2. To educate you on the things you don’t know you don’t know;
  3. To help you implement your plan by keeping you focused and accountable while providing support and help when it’s needed, and celebrating with you the successes that you achieve.

The coach does not do the work for you, nor do they need to have detailed knowledge of your particular business.  Their skill is in asking great questions, so that you do the thinking and find the solutions to your own problems.  In turn, your problem solving skills are enhanced and developed.  Your coach will get you to think differently, challenge your beliefs and help you grow as a person and as a business owner.

The 4 disciplines we incorporate are:

  • Coaching – the art of helping an individual achieve their goals by asking questions that lead the individual to solve their own problems.
  • Training – the art of knowledge transference from one person to another, normally in a groups setting.
  • Mentoring – the art of supporting an individual through understanding of their challenges from personal experiences.
  • Consultancy –  the art of solving problems.  By having a high level of skill in the area in question, the consultant gets stuck in and solves the problem for the company.

What is Coaching?

CoachWe are all familiar with the term coaching from watching sporting events, but what does a coach really do?

“Coach” is a very generalistic term for somebody who helps another to achieve their goals by asking questions that lead that person to solve their own problems. The skill that great coaches have is to understand the individual they are working with and the problem at hand, and thereby ask the right questions to empower the individual to make the right choices.

You can have a coach for virtually any aspect of your life.  At ActionCOACH we focus on people in business and cover three key areas – business, executive and life coaching.

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What is a Business Coach?

A business coach takes the skill of the coach and turns it specifically to a business owner who is looking to grow and improve their business. Business owners have many roles to play in the business and the coach will help them play them all, but eventually help them to delegate so that the business will work without them. Business Coaches have an intrinsic knowledge of the business owner mind-set and are able to challenge limiting beliefs and identify the areas that need to be improved. They will also work to a tried and tested business growth system that will provide the framework for the business strategies and plans.

What is an Executive Coach?

An executive coach takes the skills of the coach and applies them to an employed executive within a big company. Unlike the business owner, an executive normally has a specific role to carry out and clear goals that are set from the level above. Coaching in this case is all about improving personal performance and works on the individual and their relationship with their peers, direct reports and managers. Executive coaches are highly skilled in multiple psychometric profiling tools that allow the client to improve their levels of self awareness and thus speed up change.

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What is a Life Coach?

A life coach focuses on what the person wants to achieve in their life.  After all, having a job or owning a business are only vehicles to achieve what you want personally.  Too many people do not stop and think of their life goals, purpose or ambitions.  These could be financial, spiritual, family, status or legacy based, but whatever they are, they are personal to that individual and as such it can be hard to verbalise them to yourself let alone another person.

At ActionCOACH, we ensure all our clients have clarity on their own personal goals before we coach them towards their business goals, otherwise the two sets of goals may be out of alignment and therefore they will be striving for something that, deep down, they do not really care about.

We are really passionate about helping business owners to be the best they can be, so please call us for a chat if you think business coaching might be something that could help you to clarify and achieve your goals and dreams.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”