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Case Studies

ActionCOACH Helps UK Expansion

September 13th, 2016


Edward Zarkovas (pictured above centre, receiving his ActionCOACH award certificate) set up the UK operation of in 2011, after having run an IT operation in Lithuania for some years.  After a rapid start to the UK business, Edward met Kevin Stansfield from ActionCOACH Solent at a BNI meeting.  Their discussions gave Edward a vision of how to boost the business and improve the way it operated.

Edward explained, “I meet with ActionCOACH Solent once a month and try to attend their Business Mastery Workshops, where they cover specific topics.  I would recommend them to anyone in business for two reasons:

Motivation.  They motivate me; I know I have tasks I have to perform, for example; planning and calculations.  With someone watching me, I can’t avoid doing it. I’m accountable to someone, which means I have to accomplish something.

 Knowledge.  It’s taken me 5 years to learn about business.  ActionCOACH Solent have structured all that learning in a matter of months.  They’ve taken me through a Step by Step guide of how to run a business.  Before I met them I was trying to figure things out for myself the hard way, but ActionCOACH Solent have clarified things.” now concentrates on offering a full web design, copywriting and an online marketing service to clients both in the UK and Lithuania and is looking forward to future expansion.

“I really appreciate Action Coach’s personal approach to my business and their regular Mastermind Group meetings were invaluable.  When you’re with a group of like-minded business people in the room sharing experiences and solving problems for one another, it really makes a difference.”

Minuteman – Pressing On Towards Their Goals

September 6th, 2016

MMP pic

Steve Orridge, Managing Director of Minuteman Press in Botley, Southampton established the business in 1998.  A former sub mariner, with some experience of the print industry, it was his dream to set up a local printing franchise.

Steve first came into contact with ActionCOACH Solent’s Managing Director, Kevin Stansfield, at a BNI function 10 years ago, and they immediately clicked.  Steve wanted to understand more about how to grow and improve his business, so started seeing Kevin for monthly coaching sessions.

Things were not always plain sailing with Minuteman Press, as Steve explained: “we decided to take on the premises next door, at a time when our slowly increasing turnover didn’t really justify the additional overhead.  Unfortunately, this coincided with the start of the big crash.  It was a difficult time, and we ended up stuck with the extra premises for 5 years, but ActionCOACH steered us in the right direction and told us what we should be doing to keep the business on track.”

Steve has maintained his relationship with ActionCOACH over the intervening years, and is now on a group coaching programme.  “I regularly attend the ActionCOACH Mastermind Group (ProfitCLUB), and see Colin on a one-to-one basis every 90 days for our forward planning session.  We agree on the tasks we need to do to achieve our goals for the next quarter, and my Customer Liaison Manager comes to the sessions with me and writes action points for us to focus on between sessions.”

“ActionCOACH  help us with the figures, so our focus is permanently on profit, putting new systems in place and prioritising.  For example; we’re currently concentrating our marketing efforts on retaining existing customers.  Thanks to the ideas from ActionCOACH Solent we’ve been able to maintain an ongoing dialogue with our customers and we’re picking up loads more orders as a result.”

Steve was one of a select few ActionCOACH Solent clients invited to attend the annual Business Excellence Forum at Celtic Manor in April2016, and he says “I found it extremely helpful, one thing that’s particularly stuck with me is; the small things are important.  So we’ve improved our signage and we’re looking at lots of other little things too.”

“I’m now delegating more, the staff are really involved and we’re getting busier, which gives me more time, and I even play golf occasionally!  The biggest thing that’s changed though is my mindset.  Thanks to ActionCOACH Solent we’re looking forward.”

To find out more about Minuteman Press Southampton, visit their website.

30% Growth in 12 months for CJ Garden Services Ltd

August 10th, 2016


CJ vehicles

Claire Hartnell, Director of CJ Garden Services Ltd, had been slowly growing her garden maintenance and clearance business since its inception in 2001, but 13 years in, had no real plan for how to propel the business forward.  As Claire explained, “we’d never had any formal business training and really needed some expert advice.”

Read the rest of this entry »

Visualising a Brighter Future with ActionCOACH

July 15th, 2016

Awards Dinner - The Dorchester
In 1994, Steve McNamara had a vision to provide audio visual solutions for conferences, exhibitions and corporate events.  He saw there was a gap in the market for providing not only the equipment, but also the technical support and crew to install and operate it, and so Projected Image Ltd was born.  Having got to a certain point however, Steve, with his background as a technician, identified the need for a business mentor to help him to grow the business. Read the rest of this entry »

Kitchen Living Get Vision, Confidence and Knowledge from ActionCOACH Programme

June 16th, 2016

Aimee cropped

Aimee Logan, Managing Director at Kitchen Living, suppliers of bespoke luxury kitchens in Hedge End, Southampton, has been working with ActionCOACH Solent for over 2 years.  Having been brought in by her father to run the office 6 years ago, and with no prior experience of kitchen fitting, AImee really was thrown in at the deep end.

When she happened to chat to a representative of ActionCOACH, a few comments struck a chord, such as – “Are you struggling with a work/life balance?” and ” Do you feel like you’re working in the business rather than on the business?” Read the rest of this entry »

Alresford Interiors All Set for Future Growth

June 3rd, 2016


We caught up with Alex Tolfree, co-founder of Alresford Interiors, who has been benefitting from one to one sessions with business coach Colin Harding at ActionCOACH Solent every quarter for the past 2 and a half years. Regular meetings have given him the support and framework to continue moving the business forward, whilst also juggling day to day issues and working “on the tools.” Read the rest of this entry »

ActionCOACH Helps Nursery to Grow by 30%

June 1st, 2016



Clive Tongue at Little Shipmates Group was running a successful business with 4 day nursery settings across Hampshire and was gearing up to grow even further, when he found the sites just weren’t progressing at the rate he wanted, with one nursery consistently under-performing for no apparent reason.

Meeting fortnightly with Kevin from ActionCOACH Solent enabled Clive to identify what his business needs were and together they have reviewed the vision, purpose and values of the business.  Adopting those throughout the business has given The Little Shipmates Group “the springboard to our continued success,” Clive explained. Read the rest of this entry »

A Brighter Future Thanks to ActionCOACH

May 24th, 2016

Stephensons photo electric

Stephenson’s Photo Electric originated as part electrical, part photographic shop in Hythe, Hampshire in 2000, with its owner Megan Stephenson tapping into her wealth of retail experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  However, by 2014 Megan was finding it hard to move the business forward.

The digital age had tightened its grip on the photographic industry, having a huge impact on her retail outlet; customers were no longer getting their photographs printed from a 35mm film and they were buying cameras online, where there was greater choice at lower costs. Read the rest of this entry »

Commercial and Specialised Diving Ltd – Case Study

March 20th, 2016

Another brilliant case study/testimonial from our great client, Phil Richards at Commercial and Specialised Diving. Please click here to visit their website.


Kitchen Living Case Study

March 15th, 2016

A great case study/testimonial from one of our longstanding clients, Kitchen Living, based in Hedge End, Southampton.  Click here to visit Kitchen Living’s website.