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Did You Catch Brad Sugars Live in Southampton on The Billionaire Tour?

3 years ago
Kevin Stansfield from ActionCOACH Solent (left) introduces Brad Sugars

Kevin Stansfield from ActionCOACH Solent (left) introduces Brad Sugars to the audience

Serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, investor and the world’s greatest business coach Brad Sugars came to the Hilton at the Ageas Bowl on Monday 7th November on the first date of the UK leg of his new Billionaire Tour.

Over 250 business owners attended the evening seminar, all of whom were invited to the event by local ActionCOACH teams.  During the two and a half hours he was on stage, Brad shared with them his wealth creation and investment strategies, which ranged from how to build your own business to be a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you, to what to look for when buying a business, and how prolific property investors like himself use other people’s money to finance their assets.

In this uncertain word in which we currently live, there are always opportunities to be had, no matter what the market is doing, and Brad challenged attendees as to whether they were committed enough to really make the decision to become wealthy, and then take action to make it happen.  Brad told us that in his experience, most people want to be wealthy but are not prepared to put in the hard work to make it happen – that is, to get educated on how to do it, make a long term plan and follow it.

Kevin Stansfield of ActionCOACH Solent, one of the coaches who arranged for Brad to come back to Southampton with this world tour, commented: “It’s always great to have Brad (Sugars) come to town!  He has a way of stating things so simply and effectively that people take notice.  Very few speakers have the ability to get people to change and make decisions to improve their lives the way Brad does.”

Brad is in the country for 2 weeks before taking his tour across the rest of the world, and will be in Newbury on 14th November if you would like to see what he has to say for yourself.

Just follow this link for more information on Brad’s Billionaire Tour and to secure your tickets:


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