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Great Business Coaching Videos

4 years ago

Kevin & Colin have creates a series of short videos to help you with some of the key areas of business growth and development Please do take the time to view them we both hope you find them of great value. Your success.

Finances & Planning

How to Make Serious Money in Business

The key to making serious money in business is to stop trading time for money, and instead to get paid for your knowledge, know how or ideas.

Understanding Your Financial Indicators

Many business owners shy away from their financial figures due to a lack of understanding. Colin Harding explains the basic financial measures and reports that you need to take ownership for, for your own peace of mind regarding the health of your business.

Business Planning – Start With the End in Mind

Setting meaningful goals is easier if you know where you want to get to in e.g. 5 years’ time, and work back from there

5 Ways to grow your profits

There are only 5 ways to grow your business profits. A small increase in each of these areas can lead to a huge increase in your bottom line profit.

Formula for Success

The formula for success is:
Be x Do = Have In order to have success we have to behave in a way successful people would and do the things successful people do.

Team Building

Improving Team Performance

If your team isn’t performing as you would wish, the underlying issue is often a lack of trust within the team or within the organisation as a whole. Kevin Stansfield explains that rebuilding trust may take time but it is possible and with trust comes greater commitment, accountability and attention to results

The Challenge of Building a Team

At some stage business owners will need to take on staff in order to grow the business, but they are often reluctant to do this due to all the responsibility that comes with employing people. However, if you plan the process properly, you will have greater clarity and are more likely to get the right people on board

Sales & Marketing

3 Steps to Effective Marketing

The first step in marketing is to identify your target – who you want as your customer, then develop an offer that will appeal to that target market, and finally identify how best to reach them.

Time Management

Make time to work On not In your business

How to create more time to do the things that are going to have the most impact on the success of your business by ranking tasks according to their importance and urgency.

Take control of your time

Time management is a challenge for many business owners. Using a default diary will help you to take control of your time and use it more effectively

What Type of Business Owner Are You?

The Entrepreneur has great ideas, the Manager is great at running the day to day business and the Technician is good at providing the services. The ideal business owner can mix the skill of all three.

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