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Kitchen Living Get Vision, Confidence and Knowledge from ActionCOACH Programme

3 years ago

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Aimee Logan, Managing Director at Kitchen Living, suppliers of bespoke luxury kitchens in Hedge End, Southampton, has been working with ActionCOACH Solent for over 2 years.  Having been brought in by her father to run the office 6 years ago, and with no prior experience of kitchen fitting, AImee really was thrown in at the deep end.

When she happened to chat to a representative of ActionCOACH, a few comments struck a chord, such as – “Are you struggling with a work/life balance?” and ” Do you feel like you’re working in the business rather than on the business?”

Whilst working alongside her father,  Aimee explained, “we’d got into a bit of a rut – we’d grown to a certain point and couldn’t see how to expand further.”  This is something the coaches see a lot of in small businesses, and the key to moving the business forward is to help the business owners to develop a vision of what they could achieve in the future with their business.

Aimee explained that working with Colin Harding at ActionCOACH has had a profound effect on her in the following ways:

Vision. “Colin has helped me open my eyes to business potential, to think what could be and to realise I can achieve that.”

Confidence.  “It’s given me self-belief. I’m an entrepreneur and with the right advice, knowledge and help I can achieve anything.”

Knowledge. “I’m constantly learning from someone who’s been there and done it. Colin has given me the right tools and knowledge to put into practice what I’m learning.”

Aimee continued, “with ActionCOACH Solent, you’re not just in a room with someone talking at you.  They work more like a business partner, so you’re not on your own, and you’ve always got the discipline of knowing you have to report back to someone.  I’ve been able to plan and focus, writing down what I’m going to achieve and breaking it down into manageable chunks.  It seemed like a huge task in the beginning.  But every session is great, and ActionCOACH’s sessions focus on business improvement and growth.”

When asked how that’s affected her business, Aimee proudly explained, “In 24 months, we’ve grown in turnover by 66%, increased our team from 3 staff to 7 and our gross profit has increased by 28%.  We’re running more efficiently, I know the figures and understand the impact of the numbers.  We have systems and processes in place and everything is monitored and measured.”

When her thoughts turn to the future, Aimee said “I want to get my team involved with training and development with ActionCOACH, so we continue to grow and develop as a business.  I’ve benefited so much personally and I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface yet.”

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