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The 5 signs that you need to improve your marketing

1 year ago

In order for your business to become really successful, you need to master the art of marketing! Great marketing helps you to target the right audience for your business, and turn passive prospects into active buyers. Marketing is the best way to increase your engagement with customers, and thereby boost your sales and profits.

So, is your marketing really working for you? If any of the points below sound familiar, perhaps it’s time to get some help with your marketing efforts!

1) Marketing seems like a full time job

Marketing can be time consuming! Producing website content, asking for testimonials, putting out advertisements, scheduling social media posts, producing newsletters, going to networking meetings – it seems never ending!  However, if you aren’t doing these tasks, and doing them consistently and well, your business is without a doubt losing out on potential customers.

2) Your company isn’t easy to find online

Today’s customers expect reputable businesses to have an online presence. If your website is hard to find, or is lost among other similarly named businesses, you need to act. An easy way to lose potential customers is to make it difficult for them to find your website, so it is essential that your website is search engine optimised (SEO) and that you are differentiated from your competitors. (Of course, you need to have a great website to draw in potential customers, once they’ve found you online!)

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3) You don’t have a consistent flow of customers

Marketing is an easy way to bring old customers back, as well as enticing new customers through the door. If you find that your customer base is decreasing over time rather than growing, or that it is always the same customers who come back, it’s time to do something different. You need to find a way to change your marketing to promote your services/products to a new audience.

4) Your customers don’t know the range of your products/services

You may assume that your customers all know the extent of the products and/or services you provide, but you may be surprised! If your existing customers are shopping elsewhere for something that you can offer them, you’re missing out on a chunk of sales. This is a key indicator that you need to promote your business as a whole much better, in order to stop losing potential and existing customers.

5) Your adverts and promotions aren’t targeted

Promoting your business to people who don’t want or need what you are selling is a waste of time and money. Focusing your marketing on your target audience is a must for any campaign to succeed. If you don’t know who your target market is, you need to find out by analysing your customer base, and then apply information this to any campaigns that you are running.

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