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Visualising a Brighter Future with ActionCOACH

3 years ago

Awards Dinner - The Dorchester
In 1994, Steve McNamara had a vision to provide audio visual solutions for conferences, exhibitions and corporate events.  He saw there was a gap in the market for providing not only the equipment, but also the technical support and crew to install and operate it, and so Projected Image Ltd was born.  Having got to a certain point however, Steve, with his background as a technician, identified the need for a business mentor to help him to grow the business.

An opportune meeting with one of the ActionCOACH Solent business coaches gave him the break he was looking for, and Steve has been meeting with ActionCOACH Colin Harding monthly ever since.  Steve explained, “my background is as a technician, not a business owner, so it’s the training in how to run a business which I needed.  ActionCOACH Solent have helped me look at the books properly, I can budget for the future, so our planning has improved.  Not only that, but it’s helped me manage people better.  The nature of our business means we rely on large numbers of freelancers, which can sometimes be hard to coordinate in line with when work comes in.  With Colin’s help, we now manage that process so much more effectively.  Although things do sometimes change at the last minute, we have to be flexible so we continue to provide the excellent service our clients have come to expect from us.”

Steve told us that he’s also benefiting from ActionCOACH Solent’s workshops, where he can talk through any particular issues he might be having with other like-minded business owners.  “It’s also a great discipline, we have set targets we have to go away and meet in between sessions.”

“Since starting to work with ActionCOACH Solent we’ve gained more clients, we’re better at actively looking for the right type of clients and they’ve helped with marketing planning.  They gave me an outline plan for the business which I’ve been able to mould to suit our specific needs. It’s been enjoyable working with the team at ActionCOACH, and we really are starting to see the benefits.   We’re building a better business.”

Projected Image Ltd continue to go from strength to strength, building up an extensive portfolio of events ranging from small to large scale.  To visit their website, please click here.

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