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Sales Strategy and Process

Your marketing plan and strategies bring you leads – it is the job of your sales strategy and process to convert those leads into buying customers. So your sales strategy is all about improving your conversion rate from lead to customer.

Every business owner is in effect a salesperson, although many would not see themselves as such. In fact, many people’s view of salespeople is quite negative – they think of call centres, used car salesmen and “Del Boys”, which is not what sales should be about.

The definition of selling that we use is “Professionally helping people to buy,” which puts a different perspective on the role of the salesperson.

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Selling is a skill that can be taught, and just like any profession, regular training and updating of the salesperson’s skills is important. Sales is just a process, with the target to get the prospect to the next step towards the sale. Like any process, it should be documented, with sales scripts produced for staff, and results should be tested and measured.

It is a well-known fact that “People buy from people,” so the first thing a member of your sales team needs to do is to build rapport with a potential customer. They can do this by asking the prospect questions to find out what it is that they really need and focusing on them rather than the product.

At Action we teach the “100% Sales Process” which outlines 4 steps to a successful sale:

  1. Trust – building a rapport with the potential customer
  2. Need – establishing what it is they really want or need
  3. Help – finding a solution to their problem
  4. Hurry – moving them towards the buying decision.

We offer Sales Mastery training workshops as part of our education programmes – see our ActionCLUB page to find out more.