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Sports Vs Business Coaching

Don’t Just Play – Compete!


In sport, there are two types of people – those that play for fun, and those that take it more seriously.

Those that play for fun are happy just turning up and having a good time.  They have no expectation of winning or beating personal bests, they just do it to be sociable, keep fit or just to pass the time in a more enjoyable way than sitting around doing nothing.

Those that take it more seriously set themselves goals, train hard and enjoy being spurred on by the competition.

In business it is just the same.  There are those businesses that are content to plod along, providing just enough to keep the owner in a reasonable life style.  Then there are those that want to be bigger and better, where achieving their full potential is more important than just providing the basics.

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The only real difference between sport and business is that in the sporting world, successful athletes have no qualms about asking for help, support and guidance from a coach.  In fact, at the top level of sport, athletes are questioned when they are not working with a top level coach!

The reason is that nobody will push themselves to give that extra one percent of effort without somebody there encouraging them, and giving them new ideas and feedback to improve their technique.  If your competitors have a coach pushing them on, you’d better have one yourself or you will fall behind.

We believe that the same is true for business owners.  Business is far more complicated than any sport, and the rules are never clearly defined.  You have to set your own goals and build your own team.  So it is no wonder that many people struggle to get the best performance out of their businesses.

This is why we at ActionCOACH have got involved with sponsoring events such as the Eastleigh Triathlon.  We believe that people who are competitive at sport are also competitive in business and we want to find those people and help them achieve their business goals.

So if that is you, give us a call and book onto one of our events so you can see us in ACTION.

“Coaching. Not just for sports.”